TCF Exam Preparation in Delhi

TCF Exam Preparation in Delhi

TCF Exam Preparation in Delhi

Every single person feels proud when someone appreciates you for your incomparable talent that makes you different from others. Having information about numerous forecast can establish your career and will make you feel good of yourself. The present growing and international companies are taking their requirement at a high level for selecting the employees who can help them in building a relationship with their foreign clients. Nowadays the most demanding and crucial requirement is to speak more than one language.

School of French is a popular institute of learning the French language that will help you in achieving your objective of working with international clients in an MNC company. It is a French institute in Delhi that works on the skills of students and takes them to the height of success. We have a team of high-skills, an experienced trainer who takes the classes and delivers detailed information about each concept. The students who have passed out from our institute have become more confident and very clear about the goals in their life.

We deliver advanced courses in French that includes TCF Exam Preparation Courses in Delhi. This is for a language placement test for non-native speakers of foreign language (French). People who are looking forward to settling in French-speaking country for working in some international company or study then you can opt for the TCF exam. It is the only proof or credential that will help the Spanish ministry of sport, culture, and education to analyze even if you are not a French speaker. This course will also help you to adjust to a French-speaking country where you will get a different environment. If you want to create a different image in an unknown country then get ready for TCF exams with us.

The compulsory examinations

These type of examination has probably 80 multiple choice questions which include the difficulty starting from level A1 to level C2 in the common framework of orientation for languages.

Listening comprehension

This section contains 30 questions and keeps on going for 25 minutes, with audio of spoken text that is heard in France or French-speaking countries. Candidates needed to:

·         Understand and analyze the main information that is communicated in the conversations of every day (discussions, dialogues, telephone conversation, interviews, and so on.)

·         Recognize the subject of a conversation.

·         Appreciate the main point of a spoken manuscript on used to topics encountered in the professional or personal environment.

·         Know the main ideas in an abstract topic or complicated spoken texts on a concrete, unfamiliar or familiar.

·         Distinguish an extensive range of fluent expressions.

·         Gain knowledge about any of the spoken language that is delivered at a fast pace.

Utilize the language structures: vocabulary and grammar

This thing contains 20 questions and it requires 20 minutes for completing. These questions are meant for testing the capability of the candidates for mastering the structure of the language, starting from the basic to the complicating situation:

·         Analyzing the language register or lexical errors.

·         Picking up the equal grammatical term or expression.

·         Choosing beneficial information according to the communicative situation.

Reading comprehension

There are possibly 30 questions in the part, and it needs 45 minutes to complete. These questions test the candidate based on his ability to understand:

·         Recognizable words, names and very easy sentences used in communication situations or informal letters and messages.

·         The information in regular things (timetables, prospectuses, advertisement, menus, etc.

·         Information about events, people or facts.

·         Texts written in regular language that is related to regular work or life.

·         Reports and articles in which the authors take a side of abstract and concrete topics.


Therefore, TCF Exam in Delhi is very beneficial, if you want to create your personality in an unknown country.

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