DALF exams

DALF exams

DALF Exams Preparation in Delhi

In the world full of competition a person find it valuable and gives something that makes you different from the others. Having extra knowledge of different prospects can build a career and can make you proud of yourself. Also, the current growth and multinational companies are setting the requirement at a top-notch to select employees. Most of the important and demanding requirement is the skills of the speaking more than one language.

For learning the French language, School Of French is the best institute in Delhi that helps many of the students in achieving their goals of working in the MNCs. Also, they have well-trained, experienced and talented teachers who explain each and every concept in details. This will make the student confident and helps in speaking fluent French in front of the people.

The institute provides with the advanced courses in the French that include preparation of DALF Exams in Delhi. This is for doing the diploma in the foreign language i.e. French. People planning to settle in the countries where French is spoken for the purpose of studies or working in any of the companies. It works as a proof or the certificate that will help the French ministry of education, culture, and sport to recognize even when you are not a native French speaker. This language course helps in adjusting in the country of French-speaking. For learning the language thoroughly you need to get ready for the DALF Exams.

About DALF Exam

DALF  (Diplôme approfondi de langue française) in English which is known as Diploma in Advanced French Language. This is the certification of the French-language abilities for the non-native speakers administered by France’s center international or CIEP, (international Center of Pedagogical Studies) for the country’s Ministry of Education. This certification course consists of two independent diplomas that are corresponding to the top two levels i.e. C1 &C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The highest level is C2 which is attainable according to the framework which denotes the mastery and proficiency in the French language. The basic and independent division of the language proficiency is certified by the DELF levels A1 to B2.


The DALF C1 is an independent language user. They are the ones that express themselves fluently and spontaneously. They have a good vocabulary and can choose the appropriate expression to introduce their comments. Also, they produce clear, well-structured discourse without hesitating and which shows the controlled use of the structure.

The DALF C1 exams have four parts which are graded from zero to 25 points, for a total of 100 points.

First is Oral comprehension

Second is written comprehension

Third, consist of the written productions that have synthesis and an essay

Forth, is Oral production, consisting of a presentation and a discussion with the jury based on a text.


DALF C2 requires the proficiency in the language that is illustrated by the precision, appropriateness and the fluency of the expression. The candidates here use the language for business, academic and other advanced-level purposes in DALF Preparation Courses in Delhi.

DALF C2 consists of two parts. Each of the part I graded from zero to 50 points, for a total of 100 points.

Oral comprehension and production, it includes the presentation and a discussion with the jury, based on a recording

Written comprehension and production, it includes the composition of a structured text based on a file of documents

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