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School of French is the well-known foreign language institute that provides DAEFLE Preparation Course in Delhi for those who willing wants to check their French language skills. In recent time, if you only have a local language idea then it is not sufficient. In this new era, it is most important that you should know more than one language for a better job.

The reason for which it is important to learn the French Language at School of French

If you are interested in learning the French language then take admission to the School of French, here professional teacher helps you in learning the language. The main reason behind learning French in this school is that the whole faculties offer you best quality of language classes to you at an affordable price.

If you communicate the French language fluently to your friends or relatives then it is better for you for discovering more business and job in that company who required an interpreter. School of French professionals are dedicated and skilled in teaching language, this makes a speciality of this school. The school offers the French language as it is more demanding amongst the people. You can check your French Proficiency by giving the online exam.

The French Ministry of Education offers many diplomas in the French language. DAEFLE is one of the popular diplomae. In DAEFLE there are 4 parts in the exam, one for listening others are reading, writing and last is speaking.

Part one: Listening

In this part, the students are presented with a series of recordings and asked them to fill some comprehension questions which are related to the selected played. At levels A1 to B1 each part is played twice, and choices from a maximum of 3 minutes in length at A1 and 6 minutes at B1.

Part two: Reading

This part is designed to check the candidates reading comprehension by presenting many pieces of writing, followed by comprehension questions requiring a simple filling or a satisfying answer. At A1 and A2 level students have short texts. At B1 and B2 level, candidates have longer texts or signs.

Part three: Writing

This is designed to test student’s written skill but varies in subjects according to level.

A1- firstly, fills the document with required personal information and then simply text with a content of daily life.

A2 – The first task is to mention a brief event or an experience and then write a text of expression of invitation, application, providing information etc.

B1 – Show personal viewpoint in a situation through a letter, or an article.

B2 – Personal viewpoint and arguments in a given application. It is same as the B1 level.

The required length for writing is 40 words in A1, 60 to 80 words for A2, 160-180 words for B1, and at last 250 words for B2.

Part Four: Speaking

At A1 and A2 level you find a guided conversation where the students are encouraged by the examiner, a short exchange of information on a mentioned subject and finally a role played by the examiner and the students.

There are many institutions that prepared you for the DAEFLE Exam in Delhi, it has wide scope for the people who want to make a career in the French language.


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